Mission Briefing: Battle for Agni Prime

Community Releases
November 27, 2023

Troopers, listen up! Pyre Actual here. The Federation has been investigating and we’ve received this intel hot from the front! Transmitting the message now.



We’ve just pinpointed a new hostile planet, where the landscape itself is as lethal as the Arachnids that dwell there. The air crackles with the unending heat of perpetual flames, casting an eerie glow across the landscape like a volcanic volcanic ballet, a spectacle of otherworldly devastation.

We’ve found the Bug menace has not only survived but thrived in this primeval crucible. We’re facing fresh, relentless breeds, reducing everything in their path to smoldering ash. These new Bugs boast heat-resistant exoskeletons and flaming appendages, turning the very fires they live in into a weapon of destruction. It’s a force we can’t afford to underestimate.

These Bugs operate with a level of strategic chaos, seamlessly moving through the immense lava flows that stream through every inch of this hostile rock we call Agni Prime.

In addition, the Federation has received reports on encounters that stain the honor of humanity. That being traitorous individuals who, for reasons unbeknownst to us, have turned their backs on the Federation. These turncoats, driven by twisted motives or misguided ideals, have etched a dark chapter in our battle against the Bugs.

Let it be known that in the face of betrayal, we stand unyielding. Our history is not solely defined by the shadows cast by the treacherous; it is illuminated by the resilience of the loyal. The consequences of betrayal are severe, and we will ensure that those who stand against these traitors receive the full support of the Federation.

Troopers, together we shall emerge triumphant from the ashes. Gear up! For in the face of adversity, we find our strength. Our mission is clear, our purpose is unwavering. Let’s make these bugs regret ever crossing paths with the Federation! 

Onward, troopers, to glory and victory!


That’s all we got on from HQ. We’ll be getting more commands soon but you heard them get prepped and ready! We’re taking the fight to them.

Pyre Actual Out.

…What was that? The Valaka caves… new threat? no survivors… we should pull the others out now. I’m not broadcasti-