Mission Briefing: Relentless Hordes (Update 0.4.0)

Dev Blog
July 31, 2023

Stow the scuttlebutt, Troopers – we’re receiving it over the comms too. All squads not on deployment, patch in to rescue net frequency now.

“–I say again, mayday mayday mayday! This is Deep Space Vanguard mobile headquarters, Valakan starport district, broadcasting a general distress signal to all units in the vicinity.”
“The bugs got sarge! Sarge is GONE, man! HE’S GONE!”
“Dispatch dropships to our position immediately, our defenses can’t take another assault. Our CO is KIA and–”
“Trooper! Remove yourself from my communications tent and get back to repair duty! …wait, do you hear rumbling?”
“Oh no… not again… NOT AGAIN!”
–Arachnids shrieking and humans screaming, then only shrieking

Well, you heard it CFB: our mobile headquarters is in need of rescue. This one’s coming in hot – Military Intelligence is still pulling down data from the starport’s uplink but here is what you and your squads need to know now. Arachnid presence in that district is in flux: seems the Bugs are flooding in groups towards this location. You’ll be dropping in at the MHQ front porch, after which you should have a brief window to assemble rudimentary defenses. We’ll provide what ore we can to your team between firefights.

Redeployment will be a no-go until all active threats are neutralized. If you’re downed while bugs are present, better hope your battle buddies remember their Operator training, can run in for a clutch revive, or first aid stim jab.

Speaking of patching things up, the apes who built this place set up repair canister generators nearby. Bad news, they’re all offline and will need to be reactivated. You’ll want to take this on as a secondary objective, ideally before the MHQ falls.


And there goes the comms dish. Bugs’ plasma artillery must have finally taken it out. Go-time is now: defend the MHQ, keep your Troopers standing, and fight back the Arachnid horde. Be quick about it, Brimstone-1: tangos entering visual range in minutes. Looks to be a Drone detachment but ground radar shows that’s just the start of the party.

Pyre out.