Announcing Update 0.5.0 – Hives of Valaka

Community Releases
October 6, 2023

Troopers, gear up for an adrenaline-pumping descent into the very heart of Valaka in our most explosive update yet! Update 0.5.0 – Hives of Valaka will release on Steam on Thursday, October 12th!

We’ll have more information released in the coming week before launch, but here is a taste of what you can expect in this new update:

New Features

Hive Hunt Game Mode – Dive deep into the treacherous caverns of Valaka with your squad of four Troopers. Your mission? Deliver nukes straight to the heart of the Arachnid nests and blast those Bugs to smithereens!

Trooper Utilities and Class Perks – Choose from a fresh selection of class utilities and perks to customize your loadout for maximum Bug-blasting efficiency, and to give you an edge in the new Hive Hunt game mode.

New Reload Mechanic for the Twin MG – Coordination is key! Introducing a brand new reload mechanic for the Twin MG. Sync up with your squad mates to keep the lead flying and the Bugs dying.

New Weapons – Equip yourselves with cutting-edge firepower to take the fight to the Arachnids. The Armory is now stocked with a couple of powerful and game-changing additions that will leave the Bugs begging for mercy.

Improved Trooper Models – We’ve overhauled Trooper models to ensure you look as sharp as your aim. Get ready to stride into battle with confidence and style!

And More! – We’ve listened to your feedback and made a slew of other tweaks, improvements, and optimizations to make this the most immersive Starship Troopers experience yet!

Get ready to experience the heart-pounding action of Hive Hunt, Troopers! Suit up, grab your gear, and prepare to annihilate the Arachnid threat. Update 0.5.0 – Hive Hunt is on its way, so stay tuned and prepare for the drop!