Announcing Update 0.6.0: Battle of Agni Prime

Community Releases
November 28, 2023

Troopers, brace yourselves for an update of galactic proportions! It’s time to lock and load, as we proudly unveil the latest and greatest coming in Update 0.6.0 – Battle of Agni Prime as it releases on Thursday, December 7th.

Stay on high alert, troopers! More intel will be transmitted in the coming week. Until then, we’ll share the brief we received from command on what you can expect in the upcoming update.

New Features

New Planet – Explore the untamed world of Agni Prime. This is no ordinary planet, that is for sure. A fire-lit land where survival is an art, and only the most battle-hardened troopers can endure the scorching heat that awaits.

New Bugs – Agni Prime has fallen under the Arachnid horde, and one should be prepared as these Bugs have adapted to the smoldering lands and boast a new set of traits adapted to cause havoc. Stay frosty, trooper.

New Customization – Your battle-worn outfit is about to get a splash of style. Your Federation-issued uniform isn’t just for protection; it’s a statement, a symbol of your unyielding dedication to the Mobile Infantry and its cause. We’ve added new colors, decals and more to the Federation armory.

More Progression – For the most dedicated of troopers, elevate yourself to new heights as we increase the Career Rank Progression to 100, featuring new milestones rewards to obtain.

Communication Enhancements – Troopers can now communicate beyond the radio as we introduce Text Chat as well as Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text options to ensure your comms cut through the chaos of battle.

But that’s not all! We’ve listened to your feedback and made a slew of other tweaks and improvements as well as a Federation-approved alternative to deal with the traitors you have come across in this Arachnid war.

This battle will test the mettle of every trooper, but remember, in the face of overwhelming odds, the Mobile Infantry perseveres. Onward, soldiers, reclaim this fiery planet from the clutches of the Bug menace in the Battle for Agni Prime.