Traitor to the Federation

Dev Blog
November 29, 2023

Our game has friendly fire, which is a core concept of the game and the IP.  Having friendly fire in a game comes with an added bit of realism and adds tension into the world but it also comes with consequences.  That main drawback being when bad actors come into the game and decide to grief their fellow teammates by killing them over and over again.  This is not a fun experience for anyone, and while we’ll continue to address these players through the reporting system, we also wanted to put the power back into the hands of our loyal Deep Space Vanguard!  

What Inspired our Design Team?

“The idea came from the community earlier on after early access launch,  when people were labeling team killers as those under influence of control Bugs. This concept is incredible and true to the lore so the question was how do we lean into this while still accomplishing the goal to address aberrant behavior. 

The thoughts were that the Federation would not tolerate traitors and would execute them. Whether they have been insidiously corrupted by Control Bugs at some point or have willfully turned their backs on their fellow citizens, these Traitors are high-priority targets that risk the safety and security of humanity if they were ever able to make it off planet. It’s your job to execute them for the good of the Federation.”

Feature Details 

Traitor Impacts

  • Players who kill any number of teammates or deal a certain amount of team damage during a game will be marked as a traitor to the Federation. (Server tunable)
    • They will no longer be able to deal friendly fire damage
    • They will lose the ability to use their build tool
    • They will have a mark above their head visible to all other players marking them as a traitor
    • A marked player will take full friendly fire damage
    • Will no longer be able to receive healing from players
    • Players will be marked as a traitor until the end of the match or until they are kicked from the current match by a loyal Federation Trooper shooting them!
    • Traitors cannot rejoin the same match they were kicked from

Loyal Troopers Role

  • Hunt down the traitors and kill them with extreme prejudice
  • Marked players can be killed freely by other players without any negative consequences.