Update 0.5.1 – Patch Notes

Community Releases
October 26, 2023

Hey Troopers! Thanks for doing your part by taking the fight to the Bugs in our last update, Hives of Valaka 🫡 . Since its release, we’ve pushed a few minor updates out to address server crashes some of you have been experiencing. Our next regular update, Update 0.5.1, is available now!

This update brings a variety of bug and crash fixes, balance changes, and quality of life improvements to Starship Troopers: Extermination. Read the full list of fixes and improvements below ⬇️.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several crash issues
  • Fixed rank requirement not showing on game mode selection
  • Fixed several typos in weapon and item descriptions
  • Fixed grenade launcher firing sound disappearing after reloading
  • Fixed purple debug VFX found in some remote locations on Valaka
  • Fixed the discarded empty magazines not appearing when reloading the XXX Sniper Rifle
  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck in the Tutorial when placing a Wall before it was required
  • Fixed small collision and navigation issues in the Hive Hunt maps
  • Fixed a server crash on Nuke detonation
  • Fixed mission timer warning voiceovers in Hive Hunt playing after the main objective was completed
  • Fixed rare issue of camera being sideways after reviving
  • Fixed not being able to shoot out of the dropship during extraction
  • Reduced excessive cave reverb in Hive Hunt
  • Reduced the memory usage of navigation meshes
  • Adjustments to volume balance of various weapon sounds
  • Fixed various voice-over timing issues
  • Fixed an issue of some ambient sounds playing on top of the FedNet intro during Hive Hunt missions

Balance Changes


  • Auto shotgun (Bastion): Extended ideal range by 4 meters, increased stagger power 300%, reduced recoil and added three extra magazines.
  • SP.L.I.T Shotgun (Slug) (Hunter): Extended ideal range by 7 meters

Perks and Utilities

  • Magazine Bandolier now works with Shotgun weapons
  • Speed Stim effect can only be applied up to 3 times
  • Speed Stim duration does not stack, only the effect on speed (all stacks run out at the same time)
  • Reduced the Stim effect time by 50%

Notable Quality of Life Improvements

Hive Hunt

  • Increased mission timer from 12 minutes to 15 minutes to ensure there is enough time for Troopers to explore every inch of the caves of Valaka.
  • Increased Hive Hunt Egg XP from 1XP to 2XP per destroyed egg
  • Reduced the number of Gunners spawned during Hive Hunt missions.

Main Game

  • Increased Warrior XP from 1XP per kill to 2 XP per kill

Known Issues

  • The Reinforced Repairs perk UI doesn’t show at long ranges, if combined with the Long Range Repairs perk
  • We are continuing to investigate and address performance issues.