January 2024 Q&A

February 20, 2024

Hello, Troopers! It’s a new year which means It’s time for a new Q&A. We want to thank the community for the great submissions for this Q&A. Our mission is to keep our development process as transparent as possible during Early Access and with our Q&As we try to select questions from a range of topics to answer. But before we dive into it all, we had one big question from the community to answer.

Every month we get a set of questions from the community that revolve around these four things.

Will we get new Bugs, Weapons, Planets, and Classes?

We’re happy to give a resounding BIG YES to all of these! 🙂

With that first question out of the way, let us begin this month’s Q&A!


Will any DLSS or FSR be added?

DLSS and FSR will be coming to the game really soon, both are being tested and slated to be available in-game in the February/March time frame.

Are there plans to add an option in the near future for players to select which planet they want to deploy to?

Yes, but it is a part of the seasonal campaign system in the Galactic War.

Are there plans to optimize smoke & particle performance?

Yes, this is an ongoing effort and we have cleared a sizable amount of time in our schedule to focus on this with every update to the game.

Are there any new game modes that you are considering or in the pipeline to be released?

We are working on improving all of our existing game modes leading up to the official launch of the Starship Troopers: Extermination. An example of our commitment to our existing game modes is we have more side missions coming to ARC game mode soon.

As for new modes, we are actively designing and fleshing out what solo experiences would look like in our game; more on that mode will be shared when we get more concrete details.

Is there any chance Hive Hunt is getting expanded?

Yes, we already expanded Hive Hunt in 0.6.0 with the addition of the Royal Guard mini-boss and expanded the MI Caches loot table to include more weapon and item variety. We love running Hive Hunt with a SAW on the Operator! Hive Hunt will continue to be expanded on in the future to ensure it is continuing to offer increased challenges and new experiences to the players.

Why is your game so fun?

I decided to ask our team this question, here are some of their responses:

“Bugs, Bombs and Bedlam…” – Trooper Shawn

“It’s basically a reverse incremental game, you hold down the mouse button and the ammo and bug count goes down” – Trooper Nick

“Doing your duty is always fun” – Trooper Carl

“Chaos. Both from bugs and the people you play with.” – Trooper Gareth

“Teamwork makes the dream work” – Trooper Froiland and Trooper Renn

“16 > 4” – Trooper Matt

“For me it’s creating moments that are similar to what you see in the movies” – Trooper Michael

“The secret ingredient is love (and Bug guts)” – Trooper Stuart

“The satisfaction of holding back the tide with a good team and a well-designed base layout.” – Trooper Griffin

“Bugs, I say Nuke them all!!” – Trooper Ed

“Relying on your teammates while you “do your part” comes across well in the gameplay” – Trooper Paul

Will there be better controller/gamepad adjustments?

We are working on making sure our game is 100% feature complete for gamepads as we understand that many people on PC choose to play our game with controllers.

Will there be weapon upgrades down the line?

Yes, coming with update 0.7.0 we will introduce the Weapon Mastery System, which will allow the player to continue to upgrade any weapon they choose, be it improving the weapon stats or its visuals in some cases.

What “Story” is there to come?

Story is a loaded question; our game was never designed to be a full-on Narrative experience but to be a game that continues to focus on visceral and over-the-top, moment-to-moment gameplay.

One thing we noticed right from our Early Access launch was amazing emergent narrative moments, told by the players themselves. The community took over, and every match is testament to how highly our players regard the source material. It is not uncommon for people to join a match and hear people roleplaying and spouting one-liners from the films.

Are there opportunities for us to add “story” elements, sure, but it will be done strategically and never to distract from our core gameplay experiences, but to enhance them. The first example of this is coming with Galactic War, as each campaign will have its overarching theme and focus so that players understand the motivation and what is at stake.

Is the idea of providing community mod support on the roadmap or a future possibility?

Not at this time.

There are currently 5 fireteams available in game modes, but only enough players to fill 4. Do you intend on expanding lobbies to 20 players?

Not at this time, however, we will evaluate this constraint as we continue to optimize the game.

Are there any plans for more building opportunities, both at base and beyond it?

Yes, we are exploring a lot of new things for our updates to the building mechanics. Building is a fundamental pillar in our game so you can rest assured we will always be looking to add more interesting ways to engage in this gameplay.

Will there be a console port?

We are currently building our game to reach as many people as possible; we want our game to be available wherever players choose to play.

Will there be Horde Mode changes in the future?

Yes, we are looking at an update to Horde in the future. Whether through combinations of more waves, side missions, mutators, building options, etc.

However, we want to make sure we retain what makes it special but also evolve the mode so that it offers more interesting challenges and experiences.

Are there plans to introduce additional resources? Yes, we have plans to have new resource types for the game in the future and we’ll share more details when we can!


Well, that is all troopers for this month’s Q&A! We hope you enjoyed the answers as much as we enjoyed the questions given by the community. Don’t worry if your question wasn’t answered this time around as we aim to do more Q&As down the line.

If you haven’t you can check out our last November Q&A.

Thank you all for your support in the development of Starship Troopers: Extermination!