Unveiling the Vanguard: The Sniper

Dev Blog
February 20, 2024

Zeroed In

Our first Class focused Dev Diary is here as we begin with a deep dive into the new Sniper class! Using its mobility to gain vantage points and perch high above, the Sniper acts as the eyes and ears of the team, offering unparalleled reconnaissance and firepower capabilities.

The Sniper’s role can be pivotal in turning the tide of battle, as it dominates all within its sightlines. The Federation spared no expense in outfitting these troopers with some of the Vanguard’s deadliest answers to the Arachnid hordes as they bring unmatched accuracy and rain down lead from afar.

Death from Above

With the first new addition to the Trooper Vanguard lineup, the Sniper preserves the core essence of its predecessor, the Hunter, harnessing the power of Jump Jets to access areas beyond the reach of conventional troopers and Bugs.

Jump Jets empower the Sniper with a versatile vertical mobility option, enabling them to effortlessly reposition, access superior vantage points, and skillfully evade approaching bugs. From these elevated positions, their iconic Sniper Rifles come into play, taking full advantage of long, unobstructed views across the battlefield.

This enhanced mobility not only ensures the Sniper’s adaptability in dynamic combat scenarios but also reinforces its role as a master of long-range engagements. Prepare to redefine your engagement strategies as you deploy the Sniper class in the ongoing battle against the Bug menace.

Big Game Hunter

This Class will come armed with large-caliber Sniper Rifles, and you will also be able to choose from a diverse array of additional long-range weaponry, including a robust selection of damage-amplifying equipment. The Snipers lead the way as a part of the Federation’s long-range offensive lineup. Their strategic prowess is most prominent when directed against larger Arachnid threats, exploiting their distance advantage and leveraging their kit to effortlessly eliminate bugs before they can even pose a threat to the base.

No soldier stands alone, however, and Snipers rely on their fellow troopers to support them. Being logistically expensive, Sniper Rifles require constant ammo resupply and even the best sharpshooter requires backup if they find themselves overrun. Snipers also have a notable lack of close-quarters weapons and backup options for handling swarms of Bugs. It is important for any Sniper to take advantage and be mindful of their positioning while seeking assistance from their allies to stay in one piece if needed.

Arsenal: Lethal Precision

With a triumphant return, we want to welcome back the Morita XXX anti-materiel rifle as it makes its way into the hands of capable Sniper troopers. This heavy sniper rifle is capable of punching holes through nearly any carapace and makes quick work of any Federation traitors, too. The Morita ‘Triple X’ always proves itself as an invaluable tool in the fight against the Arachnids.

As a new addition to the armory, you will find the E-pulse 44-A2 Rifle. Research and Development has refreshed this time-honored design and will soon be equipping our troopers with the latest E-pulse weapons. The E-pulse 44-A2 Rifle is a powerful electromagnetic weapon that provides Snipers with a deadly mid-ranged alternative to typical sniper rifles and the trusty standard issue Morita.

Snipers will also be able to integrate the new High Ground perk in their loadout which gives the Sniper additional incentives for thoughtful positioning. With this perk, holding the high ground will give the Sniper trooper a significant advantage by amplifying your damage based on how much higher you are than your intended target.

If you prefer to keep your distance, the Scan Dart is the tool for you. Allowing Snipers to scan from afar. This dart provides the Sniper with a long-range alternative to other scan utilities. With it being a projectile it also allows for more flexibility in its usage as hitting a target with a Scan Dart will stick to them, scanning the target and nearby Bugs for a duration.


That is all we have for this Class dev diary and we thank you for reading! There will be more to come, but we hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the Sniper Class. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the new classes, and in the meantime if you have feedback or questions, we welcome you to share them with our dev team in the ST:E Community Discord!

Keep up the good fight, troopers!