September Q&A

Community Q&A
September 20, 2023

Hey Everyone, we’re back with another Q&A! A very big thanks to everyone who submitted a question this month, the response has been overwhelming. We wish we could answer all of them, but of course we have to make sure we don’t get into too much trouble with HQ. If you missed our last Q&A transmission, you can find it here: August Q&A


Now let’s dive right into your questions!

What’s the roadmap going to look like regarding weapons?
We are looking to add multiple weapons every year for each class.

Will there be customization for Classes?
Yes, we will be looking to add customization that really brings out each trooper’s individuality. That being said, each type of customization must be grounded in the Troopers Universe.

Different ammo types that are better for different types of bug?
We love this idea, we have bounced around some thoughts in this area. We want to make sure each damage type has a reason to exist and has a risk vs reward against the Bug threat.

Will there be any weapons from Starship Troopers 2 and more from the New Animated Movies?
Short answer is Yes.

Could there be an air-strike mechanic?
Yes one day for sure, it is something we want to incorporate into the game, we are looking at is it a power up item or something that incorporates base building, for example a communication building.

PVP Mode?
Not at this time.

Will there be an in Game Friends/Clan list?
In regards to friends we have an approved design and we will be rolling out a more robust friends feature in 2024. Now since you brought up Clans, well some news to share is that we are really excited to bring a clan experience to the game and we are hoping to launch our version of clans with the first iteration of Galactic War in early 2024.

Any chance for an 8 player game mode?
Yes, we are planning on having many of our modes available for different party sizes.

Is there any chance Support will get back the power up build tool?
Great question, since we are actively designing our Class Progression 2.0 for 2024 these are the types of discussions we are having. This feedback is very valuable in how the final system handles perks for classes.

What parts of the Starship Troopers IP are you able to draw from?
We can use anything from the five films of Starship Troopers, Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, Starship Troopers: Invasion, and Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars.

Will we see any plans to add lore into the game?
Yes, we want to have a very robust metagame around lore, we want to make it more than just a codex. As we get closer to finalizing the design we will share more.

Will there ever be a story/campaign mode, or any intention of adding a Solo (PvE) gamemode?
We realize there’s a great number of players out there who want to contribute to the war effort but through a more solo-driven experience. While we can’t commit to anything right now, we are actively investigating what a solo-esque experience might look like for our game, but we can honestly say we are not looking at adding a traditional narrative campaign.

Can you give us an idea on how Galactic War MetaGame impacts how people play?
All we can say is that more news is coming in the next couple of months for our Galactic War MetaGame. We plan on releasing our first iteration of Galactic War in early 2024. Look for an updated Roadmap to come mid to late October that highlights that and other updates to the Roadmap.

Are there any plans to bring the gameplay down into the bug tunnels?
Yes, really really soon.

Where does Hero of the Federation Difficulty fit into the Future Roadmap?
Closer to launch, we are very hesitant to add in more difficulty levels until we release Galactic War.

Flying Bugs?
Yes, eventually we want to include them in the game.

Any chance of upgrading the player amount per server?
Not at this time, our focus is currently to have our servers accommodate up to 16 players.

Will the Class level cap be extended?
Yes, we will be updating the Level cap really soon, then maybe one more time in our lead up to our Class Progression 2.0 reset coming in 2024.

Will there be a Tutorial expansion?
Not at this time, but as the game receives more features we will look for opportunities to flesh out the tutorial experience.

Will there be Tactical map upgrades?
Yes, we have a new tactical map design that we will be looking to roll out in 2024 that includes more options to help the player navigate the levels, find squad mates and provide more in-game information.

Thank you so much for being such an awesome community and joining us in this adventure!
Starship Troopers: Extermination Team Out!