0.6.0 – Battle of Agni Prime is NOW LIVE

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December 7, 2023

Attention, Troopers! We’re thrilled to announce that Update 0.6.0 – Battle of Agni Prime has landed, bringing a barrage of new content and enhancements to Starship Troopers: Extermination!

Update Highlights

New Planet – Explore the untamed world of Agni Prime. This is no ordinary planet, that is for sure. A fire-lit land where survival is an art, and only the most battle-hardened troopers can endure the scorching heat that awaits.

New Bugs – Agni Prime has fallen under the Arachnid horde, and one should be prepared as these Bugs have adapted to the smoldering lands and boast a new set of traits adapted to cause havoc. Stay frosty, trooper.

New Customization – Your battle-worn outfit is about to get a splash of style. Your Federation-issued uniform isn’t just for protection; it’s a statement that symbolizes your unyielding dedication to the Mobile Infantry and its cause. We’ve added new colors, decals, and more to the Federation armory.

More Progression – For the most dedicated of troopers, elevate yourself to new heights as we increase the Career Rank Progression to 100, featuring new milestones rewards to obtain.

Communication Enhancements – Troopers can now communicate beyond the radio as we introduce Text Chat as well as Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text options to ensure your comms cut through the chaos of battle.

More Information

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Lock and load, Troopers! We’ll see you beneath the surface of Agni Prime!