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November 30, 2023

More Bugs

Fire Warrior Bug

The Fire warrior evolved from the Warrior on the volcanic world of Agni Prime.  The Fire Warrior is more than meets the eye; even though it has the same abilities as the Warrior, they are resilient to the lava pools and all Federation fire-based weaponry.  There is no safe place to hide from these Bugs on Agni Prime!

Royal Guard Bug

The Royal Guard has one primary role in the Hive: to protect the Hive core and the eggs.  The Royal Guard is heavily evolved from the Tiger, as it is bigger, stronger and more resilient to the Federation weaponry. The Royal Guard has a blood-curdling screech and will enter a frenzied state when fighting for its survival.  If there is a Hive nearby, you can bet a Royal Guard is on patrol.

Inferno Bug

The Inferno Bug is an Arachnid evolution that bears resemblance to scorpions, acclimatized to the extreme heat. Its fire-resistant carapace not only repels most fire-borne attacks but also conventional small-arms. Glands near the rear of the Bug produce a highly viscous flammable liquid, similar in consistency to napalm, which then feeds into an organ that ignites and launches it.

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