Update Patch Notes

Dev Blog
April 12, 2024

Update will be available for troopers to download now.

This hotfix update covers only a select few bugs.

  • Fixed an issue where players need to “Clear Cache” and Restart after re-enlisting.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to select a loadout after re-enlisting if that loadout was fully equipped beforehand.
  • We have disabled the in-game console activated by pressing ~ (tilde). This prevents players from opening the console and for it to take priority over the game while being difficult to close. We will not be re-enabling the console command feature in future updates.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the Epic Games Store version of ST:E, where players would experience a hang when trying to join a server.

Known Issues

  • Players using AZERTY keyboards will experience key remapping issues. In the meantime, players should use a QWERTY keyboard or try setting their keyboard to the QWERTY layout.


We hope you have been enjoying Update – The New Vanguard. We’re thankful for the reports and feedback troopers have given us after release and are actively investigating them. If you too want to help report bugs to us, the dev team to crush or provide feedback about the newest update join the ST:E Community Discord!