Federation Dossier: Re-Enlistment

Dev Blog
April 5, 2024

So, Trooper, you’ve managed to beat the odds; you strolled through hell and managed to live to tell your tales. You’ve earned promotions, and you’ve gotten comfortable with your life as an officer in the Deep Space Vanguard, but your job isn’t finished yet if you so choose – there is no greater honor than volunteering for another tour of duty with the Federation!

Once a Trooper has managed to complete their career progression and reached the legendary Rank 100 Deputy Sky Marshal I. Troopers will have the opportunity to serve the Federation with the greatest sacrifice there is (at least if your heart’s still pumping):


Troopers will be able to increase their Re-enlistment Tier in the new update. Doing so resets your Career Rank, and all your Classes. Troopers will be able to go into their “Profile” to re-enlist! In exchange, you’ll earn a NEW Career Badge, a Custom Loadout Slot, and the opportunity to earn your Ranks and Levels again.

Nothing inspires the troops better than a commanding officer picking up their faithful Morita Mk. 1 once more and re-joining the recruits against the Arachnid menace. We all remember Pvt. Zim!

Back on the Grind

Re-enlisting as a Rank 1 Private isn’t the same as starting over from scratch! You RETAIN your Weapon Mastery Progression you’ve already accrued over your first deployment, meaning you can come back with a head start over your less seasoned compatriots. This means you can take immediate advantage of an improved Sight or a Modification on your weaponry that you’ve previously earned.

In addition, you will KEEP the uniforms, visors, and decals you’ve already earned from your previous tours of duty, letting you distinguish yourself from the rest of the Vanguard.

With Re-enlistment you will also earn new Custom Loadout Slots EACH TIME you complete a Re-enlistment Tier. Access to extra Custom Loadout Slots grants you the ability to save another equipment loadout for quick selection at the beginning of an engagement.

Want to take that Hawkeye to the wide-open battlegrounds of Agni Prime, but need to keep the option of the Morita XXX ready just in case? Use your Custom Loadout Slots to save alternative kits for different situations, whether it’s to save time and effort or just to flex on your friends.

The implementation of the Re-enlist feature has a few goals that we’d like to share.

Always Moving Forward

  • We understand that this isn’t something that everyone will be interested in, but some troopers may find continuous progression important to their gameplay experience.
  • We wanted to provide a method of ultra-endgame progression that still allows all other players to progress at a reasonable pace.

Your Reward, Your Choice

  • As we won’t expect everyone to willingly reset their hard-earned progress, we’ve ensured that this is a path that is purely OPTIONAL.
  • Custom Loadout Slots provide additional flexibility to Re-enlisted players but don’t provide a benefit entirely unachievable by others.
  • We wanted to provide a reward that was both valuable but not critical to the overall core experience.

Future Benefits

  • That said, we aren’t done with rewards for repeated Re-enlisting and will look to add more to this system as we develop Starship Troopers: Extermination.
  • We’ll be letting all troopers know if we add anything to the Re-enlistment system, so keep your eyes and ears open. And if there’s something you’d love to see reward your efforts, please let us know!

Remember, Troopers, what you’ve just read is still Work-In-Progress and Subject to Change. If you have thoughts or feedback you’re willing to share, please let us know.


That’s all for this transmission! We hope to see some of you chat with recruitment once again to re-enlist and secure the future of the Federation!

Want to re-enlist with other troopers or provide feedback to us the devs? Come join the ST:E Community Discord!