Early Access Roadmap

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June 1, 2023

Troopers! By now you have spent time on Valaka and have some idea what we are up against. You’ve stood toe to claw with the Arachnids. You have eaten pain and spit out glory. You have seen your fellow Citizens fall yet you kept up the fight.

Here’s the skinny: Military Intelligence suggests we haven’t seen the worst the Bugs have to offer down there. Seems they’re gonna come in stronger and greater numbers. Securing Valaka from the Bugs is shaping up to be a brutal challenge and we will likely pay dearly for every inch of dirt. Speaking of which, this rock soon won’t be our only battleground – we’ll fight this scourge wherever it dares show its mandibles!

Ready for the good news? Review the dossier issued below. It represents our latest intel on what’s coming, where it’ll be, and how we’re gonna dropkick their Bug asses into the nearest black hole!

Please note, this roadmap is subject to change based on player feedback and development shifts.

You will not lose heart. You will not quit. We are the Deep Space Vanguard – the elite! The Federation expects the best and we provide the best. We’re going to make sure you’re ready to meet whatever the Bugs throw at us head on. As we speak, R&D is hard at work developing these new armaments, greater specialization tools, and battle-ready vehicles so that our Troopers can rise to the challenge wherever it leads. For now: commit the above intel to memory, survive the fight, and look forward to your new toys!

Pyre actual out.