Unveiling the Vanguard: The Ranger

Dev Blog
March 1, 2024

Full Speed Ahead

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the final addition to the New Vanguard that will be coming with the Class Revamp update: The Ranger! In the relentless war against the Bug Menace, every moment counts and the Ranger is here to ensure that time will always be on our side. They are a force to be reckoned with, excelling in close-quarters combat and nimble enough for quick expeditionary actions.

Rangers are the definition of agility. Sporting a powerful Boost Jet on their back, they’re able to rapidly deploy wherever they are needed most. But the Ranger isn’t only about speed, they’re master survivalists well equipped with Combat Perks to keep themselves alive even in the most perilous of firefights. In the heat of battle, one well-placed bullet can make all the difference between life and death, and with the help of Federation R&D, the Ranger’s Submachine Gun will be bringing plenty of bullets.

Blink and You’ll Miss It

Remember what was taught in boot camp, Troopers! Fire and maneuver! Embrace these tactics, as with the Ranger, you will find yourself equipped with a new ability, the Boost Jet. This specialized jet pack will grant your trooper enhanced mobility, invaluable for the fight against the pesky Arachnids!

As our final addition to the New Vanguard, the Ranger holds true to the foundational principles of its Hunter predecessors. By emphasizing fast, horizontal movement, the Ranger swiftly navigates the battlefield, outmaneuvering adversaries across diverse terrains.

The Ranger will excel as the premier boots-on-the-ground combatant, flexible and capable enough for any avenue of combat. Whether executing flanking maneuvers or strategic repositioning for respite, the Ranger’s mobility and lethal arsenal grants a decisive edge when time is of the essence.

Arsenal: Search and Destroy

The Ranger will come well-equipped for any Bug it faces, as we aim to match its equipment to its strengths. Federation Research will be arming all Rangers with a new TDW-99 Morita Tactical SMG. Unlike the Morita Carbine this Tactical SMG is purpose-built to unleash lead on its enemies to deliver a swift kill. Built with the Ranger in mind, it boasts a terrifying rate of fire but troopers will still find ease in controlling it in close-quarter engagements. Keep in mind you may find yourself out of your depth in any long-range engagements and that we suggest you leave those to your fellow Sniper Vanguards.

To emphasize the reconnaissance capabilities of Rangers, they will be provided with the Scan Pulse. Unlike other scan utilities, the Scan Pulse will be as mobile as whoever deploys it, as it will be attached to the trooper. The mobile playstyle of the Ranger means that you’ll be able to provide frontline intel to your fellow troopers to follow up on. But ensure you make use of it properly, as it won’t last as long as other Scanning alternatives.

As part of their suite of survival tools, Rangers will have access to the Trauma Auto-Injector! This Federation-approved emergency measure will detect critical injuries and activate a last-second stimulant injection to prevent an untimely trooper death. While the exact chemical stimulant is a closely guarded secret, its effects cannot be understated! The mystery compound grants temporary invulnerability to all damage and a boost of speed. Make sure you get to the safety of your fellow troopers as the stimulant will not last long and will go on a cooldown immediately after being administered.

Please Note: The Federation has not recorded and is not responsible for any side effects brought on by troopers’ repeated use of the Trauma Auto-Injector system.

Lastly, the Bloodlust perk has been reconfigured. Troopers will no longer need to get their hands and knives dirty to trigger their Arachnid bloodlust. Now whenever any bug is killed in close proximity to the trooper, you’ll be able to fight through the pain. Keep your kill feed populated and bring the fight to those disgusting Bugs!


That is all troopers! We hope you enjoyed seeing the New Vanguard that will be coming in the next update for Starship Troopers: Extermination we hope you enjoyed all that you’ve seen. If you are just tuning in, catch up on the 5 other classes that will be taking over for the Hunter, Bastion, and Operator as they earned their well-deserved break below!

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