Federation Dossier: New Events and Missions

Dev Blog
March 4, 2024

Our next update will not only feature the new Class Revamp but also will include the addition of new World Events and Missions that you may encounter in your fight against the Bug Menace! We want to get this dossier in your hands so you can know what to expect as you join the New Vanguard!

Please Note: What you see in this Dossier is currently Work-In-Progress and subject to change!

New Side Missions

Four new side missions are joining the ARC Slam game mode.

Mission: Reinforce Overwhelmed Troopers

Brave troopers operating in the area may ask for the Vanguard’s help. These squads will call for assistance in defending themselves against the Bug menace. Reaching these troopers and keeping them alive against ongoing waves of Arachnids will leave any survivors under your command for the remainder of the mission. Pull them out of the fire!

Mission: Escort Specialist

Specialist troopers with knowledge of the area will call for the Vanguard during our operations. These specialists can lead us to lost caches of equipment and weapons. The Arachnids won’t make it easy; they’ll throw everything they can against our noble Vanguard. Keep the specialist alive on the way to their destination to recover crates of equipment for use during our operations. Move out and get geared up!

Mission: Rescue Pinned Squad

Even the ever-capable Vanguard cannot reach every Trooper squad in time. Bugs have been spotted closing in on our brave troopers. Pick up these pinned troopers then keep them safe from the Arachnid retaliation to add these troopers to your unit. Make sure no one is left behind, troopers!

Mission: Tear Down Structures

Wasted resources are resources given to the Bugs! Command will authorize deconstructing old field fortifications during this operation, allowing the Vanguard to reclaim the ore and reuse it in our fight against the Bugs. Those bugs won’t let us have it easily though, as they will swarm towards these abandoned structures and try to destroy them before they can be reused. Get there fast and tear those fortifications down before the Bugs do!

New World Event

With the next update, we will introduce our first World Event troopers will experience and can appear in both ARC Slam and AAS game modes.

World Event: Plasma Bombardment

The Bugs don’t appreciate our efforts in the field and will fight back at every turn. Plasma Grenadier bugs will launch coordinated fire on sections of the map from outside the area, making those spaces far more dangerous than ever before. Skilled troopers can find success by dodging the rain of plasma fire while completing their objectives. Any slip-up in this heavy bombardment won’t end well for our brave troopers, though. On the bounce!


We hope this Federation Dossier provided valuable intelligence to you trooper and that you will be more equipped to bring the fight to those pesky Bugs. We’ll be releasing more Dossiers as time comes so keep your communication channels clear and ready to receive transmissions!

If you loyal trooper would like to provide feedback, chat with our devs or discuss the game with other citizens, please join our ST:E Community Discord!