Update 0.6.1 Patch Notes

Dev Blog
February 20, 2024

Update 0.6.1 will be available to download today January 15th, 2024 at 2:00 PM PT (GMT-7).

This patch is a collection of performance improvements and numerous bug fixes.

New Features / Content / QoL

  • Added V-Sync option under Settings
  • Federation logistics corps have discovered surplus crates of Light Poles and they are now available when the Pitch Black mutator is active

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Agni Prime: Lava in crystal region was missing FX
  • Agni Prime: the Deliver Ore objective was not always completing on one of the ARC missions
  • Agni Prime: Numerous small environment fixes and improvements (LODs, object culling, overlapping/floating assets)
  • Audio – Troopers played the wrong pain sound when on fire from the Inferno Bug
  • Decals on the helmet’s visor vanished when rotating character in the Loadout view
  • Extraction music started playing late
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Hunter class could not be selected due to corrupted save data.
  • Fixed a slowdown issue on Hive Hunt when a hive core was destroyed due to a large number of particle systems
  • Fixed a soft lock issue where the player would have an invalid party after returning to the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where enemy spawners were not always spawning the correct number of Bugs
  • Fixed being able to pick up deployed, live nukes
  • Fixed the wrong prompt showing when aiming at the Twin MG.
  • Hive Hunt: Bugs were spawned outside the level in some cases during extraction
  • Hive Hunt: some ambient sounds effects were not playing on the first spawn
  • Hive Hunt: the “Respawn at this spot” prompt was briefly showing after the mission ended in Defeat
  • Hive Hunt: the audio near hive cores audio was too low
  • Hive Hunt: the wrong voiceover was playing if a hive core was destroyed after the extraction started
  • Players were able to equip cosmetics that they had not unlocked yet
  • Resetting the Gameplay Settings in Main Menu also reset the Control Settings in-game.
  • Shoot to Kick: player name and traitor icon were misaligned
  • Shoot To Kick: there was no voiceover when the trooper becomes a traitor.
  • Shoot To Kick: Traitors were sometimes able to redeploy
  • Squads did not always have the correct score displayed in the post game screen
  • The “Build Mobile HQ” objective used the wrong color of the build icon in the Tac Map.
  • The blue overcharge effect was not visible on all buildings
  • The buzzing sound of a light beacon did not stop immediately after being picked up.
  • The music volume for an Endless Horde could not be adjusted using other audio settings.
  • The reload sound of the TW-2 SP.L.I.T Shotgun (Slug) and the TW-2 SP.L.I.T Shotgun faded too early
  • The sound effects of the TW-2 SP.L.I.T. Shotgun (Auto) when reloading did not sync with the animation.
  • Trooper Customization: Suit Palettes did not show a tool-tip stating their color like when you hover over a Visor or Decal
  • VOIP activity indicators were not visible if text chat was disabled

Known Issues

  • Troopers are unable to spawn on Rally Beacons or the MBU if they are on fire. This will be fixed in the next update.

Performance Changes

Numerous reported issues and bugs were fixed and addressed in 0.6.1 regarding performance and optimizations, Below are some of the highlights.

Server Performance Improvements

  • Optimized bug navigation increasing performance and accuracy
  • Bug spawning optimized & improved
  • Navigation mesh optimized
  • Optimized some noisy network messages

Client Performance Improvements

  • Bugs now respect animation budget and will animate at a lower frame rate to preserve FPS
  • Optimized bug footstep events
  • Optimize bug IK updates
  • Optimize bug animations, nativize expensive operations and improve multi-threaded update
  • Changes to bug movement update/interpolation to prioritize the most relevant bugs to the client

Map Performance Improvements

  • Detail level optimizations on Agni Prime

Other improvements

  • Improvements to Bug management; enemies are less prone to stay stuck if they wander into difficult geometry.
  • Bugs that end up completely stuck will burrow down and unburrow elsewhere on the map