Unveiling the Vanguard: The Medic

Dev Blog
February 23, 2024


No one gets left behind, Trooper! In this Class Revamp update, we are introducing the Medic. Whenever and wherever there’s a trooper in peril, you can rely on a Medic to get them out of trouble. This support infantry brings enough healing gear to keep the whole squad topped off and ready for battle.

The Medic is the premier source of squad-centric support, and healing. At their core, they always have access to the powerful Medical UAV, a drone that can revive downed troopers. Medics specialize in Reviving and Healing Perks and carry a variety of Support Utilities to assist their efforts. Despite their lack of offensive punch, Medics still provide an indispensable role in their team.

Tactical Triage

Troopers who already love the thankless role of the humble combat Medic will find more to love. This will mean there will be changes to the Medic’s core ability Medical UAV. To remove the lengthy cooldown periods, the Medical UAV will no longer instantly revive all nearby downed troopers on activation. We are instead bringing more active participation to the trooper at the helm, improving dispatching and tasking of their drone, and allowing the Medic’s own skill to dominate their efforts when they need to bring the whole team back from the brink.

In order to assist their efforts, the Medic is also gaining the Triage passive ability. Triage prolongs bleed-out timers, giving nearby Medics more time to revive downed troopers.

Together these changes will help the Medics remain useful more often with a reduced Medical UAV cooldown, and Triage helps in those situations where a large number of casualties suddenly overwhelm the team. We understand that these changes are a big departure from the old Operator’s gameplay style. The Medic will be seeing future revisions as needed. So worry not, and once you have a chance to field test the changes please share your feedback!

Arsenal: Bullets and Bandages

Just because they are a Medic doesn’t mean they aren’t packing heat. The E-pulse A1 Pistol is a secondary weapon that provides the trooper with a full-auto personal defense weapon. This is a perfect sidearm for those panic situations with its extreme offensive punch, at the expense of long range performance and accuracy.

The First Aid Dart provides the Medic with a critical long-range utility for dispensing heals from relative safety. This is an effective tool for healing and reviving troopers from afar, especially when placed in the Medic’s capable hands.

If wading through the swarms of Bugs on the front-lines is more your style, the Bug Deterrent perk is an absolute necessity. This perk decreases the likelihood that a Bug would target the Medic, instead preferring to target another Trooper. You won’t need to outrun a Tiger, you’ll just need to outrun your squadmates.

The oft-used Medical Station is being reworked into the self-service First Aid Dispenser. This enables the Medic to place their dispensers and allow troopers to grab their own stims for use later. If your Medic won’t heal you, troopers can now simply self-administer their own medical emergencies, or involuntarily deliver healing assistance to the infirm and incapacitated among them.


We hope you enjoyed this preview of the Medic class and that you look forward to supporting your fellow troopers on the field in our mission against the Bug Menace!

We only have one class left to show so if you haven’t yet seen the others you can catch up on them here!

If you’re looking for a space to chat with fellow troopers! Or give your feedback on the upcoming class changes you can find us in the ST:E Community Discord!

That’s all for this broadcast troopers!