Unveiling the Vanguard: The Guardian

Dev Blog
February 21, 2024

Hold The Line

Stand firm and thwart the Arachnid advance. In this Class Revamp update, we introduce the Guardian. The Guardian stands as the Federation’s foremost defensive juggernaut, equipped with hardened armor plates and formidable machine guns. This heavy infantry shock trooper will be able to withstand the Bug onslaught and keep the torrent of lead firing.

The Guardian heralds the return of the Bastion class troopers the community already knows with steps taken to amplify their arsenal to better reinforce their role as a static defender. As the Vanguard’s best defensive class, the Guardian is designed with a strong focus on defensive perks and their always firing machine guns.

Fire At Will

Troopers will find playing the Guardian familiar yet refreshing as we dive into the abilities and perks you will have against the Bug menace. Guardians will be able to hunker down in a static position with the Siege Mode ability. Siege Mode deploys a ring of defensive barricades that provide additional cover as well as improved weapon performance. Guardians will enjoy greatly increased defense and reduced weapon recoil when they‘re within their barricades, coming at the cost of mobility, as the trooper will be unable to relocate while Siege Mode is active.

While Guardians are incredibly resilient to damage, they can lag behind when trying to support a highly mobile squad. The difference between a good and a great Guardian lies in how these troopers defend important structures and place themselves up in advantageous positions that maximize their enhanced defense and weapon-handling abilities. Funneling bugs into compact and defensible firing lanes is optimal when bunkered down behind your barricades.

Guardians have the firepower to deal with the elite Arachnids, as the high capacity of their machine guns enables reliable damage against the horde. That said, they are best focused on suppression. By regularly retargeting to prioritize slowing the largest threats among advancing Bugs, troopers will find the most success as a Guardian of the Federation.

Arsenal: Unyielding Fortress

The reliable Morita Mk.3 SAW will still be a Guardian mainstay. This light machine gun strikes a reasonable balance between high ammo capacity and sustained damage output, at the cost of significant recoil. Ensure a properly supported firing position by utilizing Siege Mode whenever possible, or brace yourself by stopping your movement and crouching to help rein in the SAW’s kick.

Troopers looking for something new will find a gift from Federation Research and Development. Introducing the new E-pulse 88 CSW to be supplied to the armory. The CSW is the second E-pulse weapon R&D has provided to the Vanguard and you’ll be able to get your hands on it soon with the Class Revamp. This heavy electromagnetic machine gun provides the Guardian with an alternative to the time-honored SAW. Trading in a decreased fire rate for increased damage more suitable for closer-range engagements, the E-pulse 88 CSW offers troopers a deadly, Bug-piercing tool of destruction.

Find yourself in need of more guns?

We have your back as you bring the Sentry Turret on your next excursion, and it remains a keystone of the Guardian’s progression. As an automated Bug-slaying companion, it is perfectly suited to keeping the lesser Arachnid riff-raff off your squad and can also be used to secure low-threat entry points. The turret will stay deployed on the field helping, you cull the Bug masses until destroyed or depleted of ammunition.

With the class revamp, Guardians will soon become the sole proprietor of the Synthetic Under-armor and Hardened Ceramic Plates perks. Great defensive options by themselves, in combination, these perks greatly improve the trooper’s resistance to nearly all forms of harm. But, why not put all that extra defense to good use with the Bug Pheromones perk, which makes you the center of attention as all nearby Bugs will target the Guardian instead of their more squishy and less-armored counterparts.

If you find yourself standing alone, the Regenerative Matrix can mean the difference between life and Bug food, as it allows Guardians to recover a portion of their health when they remain undamaged for a short duration. This regenerative technology provided to you by the Federation can provide troopers with limitless recovery if you can afford a brief reprieve from the onslaught of deadly Bug attacks. So find fireteam support or take a quick breather and get back in the fight trooper!


With that, we are halfway through the six classes coming with the Class Revamp. We hope you enjoyed this preview of the Guardian and that you tune in next week!

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We’re eager to continue showing these Classes to you all and we hope you’re just as excited. If you have any feedback for our dev team or want to chat with like-minded troopers, be sure to join the ST:E Community Discord!

At ease, troopers!