Unveiling the Vanguard: The Engineer

Dev Blog
February 21, 2024

Backbone of the Vanguard

Behind every great army, there’s anEngineer supporting them. Masters of logistics and base building, Engineers are an invaluable asset for the Deep Space Vanguard. Soldiers may win battles, but Engineers win wars.

The Engineer is a true support class, taking elements from other classes and concentrating them into a focused gameplay role. Engineers are uniquely suited to base maintenance duties, with access to Multi-tool perks and will find themselves able to use their Multi-tool when other troopers are unable. Offensively, the Engineer utilizes area denial weapons, such as Flamethrowers and Mines to defend the base from up close.

Engineers will have access to their own Personal MBU, which provides their Multi-tool with a charge resource. Charge may be spent to construct or repair structures for a limited duration, even when the primary base MBU is offline; such as during a Horde wave.

Going Mobile

Engineers can utilize their Multi-tool outside the Federation-approved build zone, allowing them to construct limited Field Base Structures anywhere on the battlefield, and in situations where construction is typically disabled. Keep in mind Field Base Structures will still require ore and Multi-tool charge to construct!

While an Engineer is able to build nearly anywhere, they are tethered to the primary base. Once depleted, their Multi-tool will need to recharge within an active build zone. They can make short expeditions to a Refinery, or a Special Objective but will need to make frequent return trips to top up their Multi-tool charge. Engineers can work with other Engineers to construct Field Base Structures more efficiently by pooling their charge resources into the same project.

Arsenal: Technical Superiority

The SP.L.I.T Shotgun will be left in the capable hands of the Engineer. At close range, this powerful pump-action shotgun is able to blast Bugs into a beautiful green mist. The perfect firearm for the hard-working support trooper.

If buckshot isn’t your flavor of choice, perhaps napalm can satiate your hunger for destruction. The FU-17 Flamethrower is a mobile Bug barbeque, able to spit deadly flames at any unfortunate Arachnid swarms that dare to tread too close. Who doesn’t love the smell of burnt Bugs in the morning, afternoon, and evening?!

With the restructuring of roles, the Engineer is gaining access to a multitude of handy basekeeping Perks. Powered-Up Build Tool allows the Engineer to build and repair faster, and Reinforced Repairs allow them to upgrade base structures with additional health.

As the paragon of logistics, Engineers will soon become the only trooper with access to the always helpful Ammo Fabricator. Strategic rationing and placement of these critical supplies will be paramount to mounting a successful operation outside the confines of the base.


We welcome the Engineer to the Vanguard and to our roster of classes, and we hope you’re excited to get your hands on it when this update arrives!

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We have two more Classes to show you all and we hope you look forward to them! If you have any feedback for our dev team or want to chat with fellow citizens, be sure to join the ST:E Community Discord!

Til next time troopers!