Unveiling the Vanguard: The Demolisher

Dev Blog
February 21, 2024

Bring on the Boom!

Storming onto the battlefield with explosive weaponry in hand, the Demolisher unleashes a formidable arsenal. With expert knowledge in all things explosive, the Federation’s premier Demolisher troopers will easily be able to blast their way through the endless swarms of the Arachnid menace.

As part of the Class Revamp coming to Starship Troopers: Extermination, our second class showcase features the Demolisher. The Demolisher is the first all-new Class coming to the game and with that featuring a new set of tools as these troopers will be capable of utilizing a devastating Barrage to cover the battlefield with explosive ordnance.

The Demolisher will function as a powerful utility class, with a focus on grenades and Area-of-Effect weaponry. You will quickly prove that no Bug can withstand the Federation’s arsenal, as you’re equipped with the most destructive Grenade Launchers and Explosives Research and Development have created.

Danger Close

Demolishers will be able to lob a cluster of their chosen Grenades at a great distance using the brand-new Barrage ability. It is important for any Demolisher to keep in mind they’re most effective to their fellow troopers when they use their armaments and abilities to funnel and group the Arachnid swarm. Always be vigilant and make use of your surroundings, utilities, and fellow trooper tools to quickly and decisively eliminate closely grouped packs of Bugs with one well-placed, ichor-riddled explosion.

While Demolishers are able to rain down shrapnel from a distance, your effectiveness is more variable, so be cautious not to deplete the Vanguard and your fellow troopers’ resources. Demolishers are specifically designed to excel in close-quarters and short-range engagements, but these troopers will need to be mindful that their weapons pose a risk to themselves as much as they do to the Arachnid horde. You will quickly find that despite the high-stopping power, the ballistic nature of the Demolisher’s arsenal comes with its own set of disadvantages, as troopers will experience longer ability cooldowns and lengthier reload times.

Remember that no trooper should stand alone! Engage with the support of your fellow troopers whenever possible or you may be quickly overwhelmed with no escape.

Arsenal: Built for Destruction

The Chi-Hong Grenade Launcher will be moving and finding its place within the Demolisher’s armory. This multi-barreled grenade launcher is able to rain down a flurry of explosive wrath, making this weapon a trusty companion for those desiring a less-than-surgical solution to the Arachnid menace!

Additionally, Demolishers will have access to the Lure Grenade a tool for drawing bugs away from troopers and vulnerable structures. The small explosive charge automatically detonates after a duration, able to dispatch smaller Bugs and seriously maim the larger specimens. Demolishers can use these grenades with their Barrage ability to protect a wider area.

Some may ask what could be better than one grenade launcher? That’s right.


Unlock your explosive potential in the Class Revamp as you double your flexibility and double your firepower. Demolishers will be able to replace their secondary weapon by utilizing the new Extra Primary perk. Make good use of the Federation’s surplus stock in the fight against the Bug menace.


We hope you enjoyed this preview of the first all-new Demolisher class that will be coming in the Class Revamp update. We have more to share as this is the second of six class showcases to be released.

If you haven’t yet seen last week’s showcase, we revealed the Sniper as well as a preview of a new weapon archetype coming to Starship Troopers: Extermination. Make sure to catch up and read it HERE. If you’re wondering what the next four Classes are, we revealed the names HERE!

We can’t wait to see what destruction you will bring as the Demolisher to those pesky Bugs when the time comes. But before then, if you have any feedback or want to share your excitement, we welcome you to share it with the dev team over at the ST:E Community Discord!

Tune in next week to see the next class, Troopers!