Class Progression XP Wipe (Updated April 2024!)

Dev Blog
February 20, 2024

With the release of Update 0.7.0: The New Vanguard. We have conducted the Class XP Reset and we do not foresee any more future XP wipes as we develop ST:E. Thank your troopers and if you wish to chat all things ST:E come join our ST:E Community Discord!

We previously announced that Game Update 0.7.0, coming in the spring, would come with our class revamp and a wipe to all XP systems. We deeply understand that this has caused some concern within the playerbase, and we totally get that. We pride ourselves on communicating openly and honestly as much as we can as early as we can. I wanted to offer more context on the decision here today and also provide an update on where we are at. When 0.7.0 releases, we will be redefining our existing classes; the Hunter, Bastion, and Operator classes are going to cease to exist in their current form. Starting in 0.7.0, we will have 6 classes that have been designed out of the existing 3 classes, but mostly from the 6 months of community feedback threads and new class wishlist discussions. Over the next few months, we will be sharing tones of information on the new classes, their loadouts, mastery systems, and weapons. One thing I do want to mention is that I know people love our existing classes. Rest assured, our new system is designed so that if you master your weapons, abilities, and perks, you can create some wild and epic class load-out options.

So back to the XP wipe discussions: moving to a new class system meant a complete wipe of class XP as we are decommissioning the old classes; however, we have found a way to not wipe Career XP. So I am happy to announce that only Class XP will begin at 0. We plan to run bonus XP events during the release so people can quickly level up their new classes. If you are an existing player with a career rank of, say, 50, you will retain all the XP, but depending on the rebalancing of the career rank XP table, you may log in to find your career rank now at 50, or perhaps at Career rank 35 or Career rank 100 Prestige (work in progress name)

Again, thank you all for your feedback and support.

Pete, aka Offworld PMO