Update 0.5.0 – Hives of Valaka is now LIVE!

October 12, 2023

Attention, Troopers! We’re thrilled to announce that Update 0.5.0 – Hives of Valaka has landed on Steam, bringing a barrage of new content and enhancements to Starship Troopers: Extermination!

Update Highlights

  • Hive Hunt game mode – Get ready to dive deep into the heart of Valaka with a dynamic 4-player tactical game mode that will test your squad’s coordination, strategic prowess, and Bug-blasting skills like never before.
  • Two new Weapons – We’ve brought more firepower to your arsenal, adding the highly requested Morita XXX Sniper Rifle and 3 variants of the TW-2 SPecial Light Infantry Tactical (SP.L.I.T) Shotgun that promise to amplify your extermination efforts.
  • New TMG and Sentry reload mechanic – The new Ammo Stockpile structure provides you with 15 ammo boxes to resupply your weaponized structures. This was designed to foster even greater teamwork among you and your fellow Troopers. 
  • Complete overhaul of our XP system – We’ve added new ways to earn XP during gameplay by performing a variety of actions. Now you can level up your Trooper in a way that matches your playstyle.
  • New Utilities and Perks – Tailor your loadout to match your playstyle with 7 new Utilities and 8 new Perks split across each class.

More Information

Read the full 0.5.0 Patch Notes here.
Learn more about our design intent and inspirations for the new Hive Hunt mode here.
Read up more on our new updates to XP and Class Progression here.

Lock and load, Troopers! We’ll see you beneath the surface of Valaka!