Mission Briefing: Hives of Valaka

October 6, 2023

Attention, Troopers! Pyre Actual here. Sit your rears and open your ears!

Mission Command has seen fit to transmit a SITREP to prepare you for a new mission. Allow me to read it to you.


*ahem* “Prepare yourselves, valiant Troopers, for a descent into the very bowels of the treacherous planet Valaka! The Bugs have been permitted to harass our operations with impunity for too long – it’s time to bring the fight to them!!

As the battlefront shifts, so too must your unyielding resolve. We’ll be sending teams of 4 into the subterranean depths. This will bring new challenges to you and your squad, as you fight through hordes of Arachnids in order to deliver a nuclear payload directly in their Hives. Engage the enemy with the ferocity and determination of the Federation’s best, for within these caves you’ll discover the crucible in which you shall be tempered!!

This hostile, pitch black terrain will test your mettle, demanding adaptability and impeccable teamwork! Abandon your fear and stand resolute in the face of the impending darkness. The survival of humanity hinges upon your courage and tenacity. Rally your fellow Troopers and fortify yourselves. Together, we shall strike at the very heart of the Arachnid menace!

Our triumph is inevitable, for we are the Vanguard of humanity, the Mobile Infantry, and our legacy is one of unyielding bravery.

Provehito in Altum, brave Troopers!”


And that’s it. Stay vigilant. We will be sending out further directives from Mission Command in the coming days.

Now get out there and be ready to hit ‘em where it hurts.

Pyre Actual Out.