Starship Troopers: Extermination

Mission Briefing: Mutated Sands (Update 0.3.0)

June 21, 2023

Deep Space Vanguard, atten-TION! Latest orders are in from Terran Command so knock off the grab-ass and– well look at that: subject line reads “MUTATED SANDS – GET SOME, TROOPERS”. Seems the brass think you apes are gonna like what’s coming.

First up, you are all to be commended for your ongoing successful captures and extractions in our initial theater of combat on Valaka. So successful, in fact, Military Intelligence has seen fit to expand it some: our southern Fuel Depot is in need of rescue and reinforcement. Been too many revolutions since last contact from them, let alone since HQ has received their resource output. The industrial complex is situated cliffside, north face overlooking a deep valley. Should make it a cinch to fortify against the Bugs, but you all know those Arachnids are nothing if not clever. Anticipate being sent that way for your upcoming AAS and ARC missions starting middle of next week – check upcoming deployment for details. And Troopers, try to keep your weapons pointed AWAY from the Fuel Depot. FUEL Depot, yeah? Okay, moving on…

…what the hell are Mutators? Apparently, the Bugs AND the planet itself are about to make combat even more interesting, folks. The geeks at Military Intelligence report we should expect changes – Mutators – with each mission moving forward (well, except for the easy ones). We will be seeing Bug and Trooper damage variability, frequent ambushes, and global conditions endemic to the Valakan surface: sandstorms, near-zero visibility, even gravity can’t be trusted. Huh, live-fire field tests of experimental weapons – don’t worry your pretty faces, we’ll follow up with Command about that one. Expect up to three unique Mutators in the mission selection phase soon, copy? Hmm, note at the bottom says next page will help even out the odds.

Are these… blueprints? Oh, hot damn! Vanguard, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend for base building: the Twin Machine Gun Emplacement. …those who yelled “TOWER LET’S GO” just now, the enthusiasm is appreciated but the lapse in protocol isn’t – ten laps around the barracks, listen in on comms and hop to. That said, this prime piece of heavy firepower can be installed just about anywhere in a viable base location: built on the ground, placed along walls, and yes, mounted in towers. However, it demands two Troopers to operate, one to fire and the other to keep the weapon repaired – the eggheads who designed it didn’t have durability in mind, the thing damages itself as it’s fired. One Trooper could feasibly jump between firing it and repairing it but suffice to say it is not advised.

Looks like that’s about it, just this verbatim command on the last page: “Troopers are to submit the following weapons to the armory for retooling: Morita MK1, Morita MK1 Carbine, Morita MK3 SAW, TW-202-L Morita Hawkeye, TW-109-E Emancipator, TW-101-S Peacemaker, C-32 Chi-Hong Grenade Launcher”. You heard the word, Vanguard – master of arms wants to field-strip and tune those primaries and secondaries. Calm down, you apes, you’ll get them back before Mutated Sands kicks off. Now double-time it to the armory, drops to the Fuel Depot begin in 48 hours, 1000 local Valaka time. Dismissed!

Pyre out.