Starship Troopers: Extermination

Intel Alpha Playtest Update – New Mode

Community Releases
December 7, 2022

We have updated the Starship Troopers: Extermination Alpha and deploying a new game mode called Seismic Slam.

The objective is to power up and activate the ARC seismic survey device and protect it while it collects data. The ARC is powered by gas resources that are gathered from resource nodes. In addition, players need to gather Ore from resource nodes to build up defenses. This is a freer form game mode, with randomized objective locations. Players are expected to split and coordinate their tasks to be effective!


  • Players spawn and fight their way to the ARC drop location. This location is randomized.
  • Players establish a base at the location.
  • Once the ARC has dropped, Ore and Gas resource nodes are revealed around the world.
  • Gas canisters are needed to power up the ARC (required count scaled by player count)
  • Ore canisters are needed to build up defenses which are essential for surviving the final horde
  • Random side objectives will spawn around the world. Players can choose if they want to complete these. Failing enemy objectives (Red) will result in the Threat level to go up, and the arachnid resistance will be tougher!
  • Once all of the required Gas canisters have been delivered to the ARC, players can decide when they want to activate (“Slam”) the device. Two players are needed to activate the device.
  • Once the ARC is active, the enemies will start pouring in and players need to keep the ARC alive until the data collection is finished.
  • Once the data collection is finished (or the ARC falls), players must reach the extraction ship alive!

Thank you all for playing – and please continue to leave great feedback in the Discord!